Sunta Africa is a U.S. east coast singer/songwriter. Growing up her home was always filled with multiple genres of music instilling her love of singing from a very early age. An ever growing soul singer-songwriter, Sunta uses her music as a tool to inspire & empower women to love themselves & live from their spirit. Throughout the many incantations of her songs, the message has always been positive. Sunta recorded her first solo album, “Soul Clearing”, which led to the formation of the well-received, New England based band, Soul Movement, recording two albums with the band before their disbandment. She has performed for numerous community events and currently has a new album,“Sand in the Hourglass”, a 5 year labor of life experiences to share. Sunta uses her music to spread love & help awaken the powerful feminine energy in women who have forgotten that they are Goddesses with work to do.